Vue Markdown

Source file extensions: .md

For .md files to be processed by MD Vue , it needs to be enabled in studio.config.json .

This is enabled by vite-plugin-md .

Layout setup

Layout setup is done through a mdvue.config.js file at the root of your tree. dockit-vue features a ready-to-use layout that you can use simply with:

import Layout from '@divriots/dockit-vue/layout/src/Layout.vue';

export default {

A Layout component is a simple Vue component which will be provided the Vue rendered markdown component as a slot. Nav can be implemented using the '~doc-context' module .

Component documentation meta

Your components have documentation in your code, typiically through code comments, and you may want to levarage it.

dockit-vue has components you may want to use for this, for example Props will allow you to document your props automatically.

Please check it out for more information!